16 September 2023

Hawkbill Base Address:

Scott Ullsperger

1181 Kortnee Drive

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Hawkbill Navigators

Base Commander:     Ross Carroll – Firth 208 520-1112 ross_carroll@hotmail.com         Senior Vice Commander: Gregg Smith – Idaho Falls        208-357-8524 gsmithbeer@aol.com

Secretary- Treasurer:                   Junior Vice Commander:

Scott Ullsperger-Idaho Falls               Darrell Pfannenstiel

208-520-2199                                     208-5234695

Hawkbill.secretary@gmail.com           pfan61187@gmail.com


Our Creed

“To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

Next Hawkbill Meeting: 

Saturday, 21 October 2023 at the Blackfoot Elks Lodge.

Last Meeting:  

Saturday, 19 August 2023 at the Blackfoot Elks Lodge.

Present were:

Ross Carroll                      Ken Lembrich

Marty Sattison                   Kenhi Drews

George Riddle                  Fred Kovach

Gregg Smith                      Tony and Wanda Anderson

Mike Baker                        Steve Cole

Dick Razz                           Scott Ullsperger

Lange Morrison                 Don Hulse

George Riddle                   Don Boesiger     

Denny, Beverly Kemp




Jeff Brower

Don Boesiger

Old Business:

USS Idaho Committee – The christening is currently scheduled for December 2023 – May 2024.

Camp Magical Moments –

  1. The moms retreat will be held October 20-22.

Idaho Science Center – Scott reported we had a good summer, and the museum is now closed for the year.  Next year a working party needs to go to the museum to clean up and rearrange the exhibits currently displayed in the navy building.

Gregg Smith indicated that members should visit the HAWKBILL website and to join the Facebook and Instagram pages. More visits to the sites will improve overall internet visibility. Paypal and Venmo are now available on the website to allow for electronic donations and dues payments.

New Business

Ross and Scott will contact the Arco Mayor and attend an Arco city council meeting and nominate Ellie Signor as an honorary submariner.

Scott is putting together a plaque order for Arco.  Anyone interested contact Scott.

Ross discussed our participation in last years Pocatello Veterans day parade and asked who was interested in participation again this year.

Our volunteering at the soup kitchen was discussed and we decided to keep our participation at 4 times per year.

Board of Directors – A second meeting of the club officers was held.

  1. We plan on having a fall 2024 BBQ, a chairman and committee members are needed.
  2. Ross spent $100 for T-shirts for the security detail who worked the State Fair Demolition derby, A motion was passed to reimburse him.

Financial Report:

Balance                                                      $ 9942.82

Camp Magical Moments                         $ 1392.50

USSVI (50/50)                                            $   835.00

USSVI Dues                                                $     25.00

Brick purchase                                           $     35.00

Holland Club Donation                             $   100.00

Balance                                                      $ 7618.32


During recent events attended by the Hawkbill base members such as Brew at the Zoo it was noted we needed a banner or some other method of identifying who we were.   Marty Sattison showed examples of available banners.  A motion passed to purchase a banner and table.

Marty Sattison showed an A1W challenge coin and indicated that S1W and S5G were also available.

Scott reminded everyone to give him an updated E-mail if you are not receiving anything from the Hawkbill secretary.

50-50:  $62 won by Steve Cole which he donated to the Hawkbill base and $63 is for the Dolphin Scholarship fund

Boats Lost in September

USS S-51 (SS 162)

USS Pompano (SS 181)

USS Grayling (SS 209)

USS Cisco (SS 290)

USS Flier (SS 250)

Prayer List

Robert Oliver a Hawkbill base member passed away in August.

Don Hulse’ s wife

Tom Tomlinson




Schedule of events

September23CMM Sams club fund raiser0900-1600Idaho Falls Sams club
October21HAWKBILL Meeting1300Blackfoot Elk’s Lodge
October28Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen8 or 10IF Soup Kitchen
November4Veterans Parade8AMPocatello
November10Veterans Day Gala6 PMPocatello
November18HAWKBILL Meeting1300Blackfoot Elk’s Lodge
December16Santa Crawl Idaho Falls
January13HAWKBILL Meeting1300Blackfoot Elk’s Lodge