Impact on the Submarine Force?

The U.S. Navy has announced a major change in recruitment policy in response to low recruitment dating back to the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Recruitment problems then was attributed to lack of face-to-face interaction. Missing recruiting goals was further exacerbated by the disqualifying of 71% of the Nation’s Youth because of, “obesity, drug use, physical and mental health problems, misconduct and aptitude”. It is estimated that only 23% of those between 17 and 24 meet qualifications to join. In 2023 the Navy missed its recruiting goals by more than 7,450 and failed to meet officer and reserve goals. The solution is to lower standards. For the first time since 2000 the Navy will accept those who lack a high school diploma or GED. Vice Admiral Rick Cheeseman stated “We get thousands of people into our recruiting stations every year that want to join the Navy but do not have an education credential. And we just turn them away.” Under the new policy the only academic requirement will be a score of at least 50 out of 99 on the military’s qualification test.

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