Holland Club? Why Holland?

In response to the post of 24 August, the Holland Club is so named to honor the legacy of John P. Holland, an Irish born engineer who was intrigued with the idea of submersibles. He originally offered his design for a submarine to the U.S. Navy in 1875, but it was rejected as unworkable. Funded by an Irish revolutionary group called the Fenians, he built and launched the “Finian Ram”. (The Finian Ram was successful and is now on display in the Paterson, New Jersey Museum.)

Holland went on to build several prototype submarines including the Holland VI launched on May 17, 1897. It was the first submarine capable of extended submerged operations. Holland VI ran on electric motors submerged and a gasoline engine while surfaced. Finally taking notice the Navy purchased the Holland on April 11, 1900, after testing the Navy commissioned it as the USS Holland on October 12, 1900. The Navy ordered seven more of the type and this is recognized as the birth of the Electric Boat Company which eventually was based in Groton, Connecticut.

Come say Hello to the Hawkbill Base Sub Vets at Sam’s Club this Saturday August 26th, from 9 to 4, as they collect donations for Camp Magical Moments.

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Next Hawkbill Base meeting is September 16th at the Blackfoot Elks Lodge – 123 N. Ash St. Social gathering at noon, meeting at 1 p.m.