Boats Lost in March by Year

25 March  1915 SS 23  (F4) 21 killed all hands lost

12 March  1920 SS 28 (H 1) 4 killed

3   March  1942 SS 176 Perch All 59 taken prisoner, 6 later died as POWs

5   March  1943 SS 207 Grampus 71 killed all hands lost

15 March  1943 SS 201 Triton 74 killed all hands lost

26 March  1944 SS 284 Tullibee 79 killed, 1 survived as POW

20 March  1945 SS 369 Kete 87 killed all hands lost

28 March  1945 SS 237 Trigger 89 killed all hands lost

The decisive role played by the Silent Service during WW II is often overlooked, or the significance of their contribution is not fully understood. The Submarine Service represented only 1.6% of all Navy personnel during the war but they accounted for over 55% of all Japanese ships sunk, including one-third of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Submariners paid a high price for this accomplishment, however, with the highest percentage causality rate of any branch of the service, almost 23%. Fifty-two U.S. submarines were lost during WW II with over 3,500 men. Many additional men were lost either from gunfire or tragic mishap. It should always be remembered that these men were all volunteers. (source: National Park Service)

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