New French Submarine

The latest Nuclear Powered submarine for France, SSN Duguay-Trouin, began final testing sea trials to determine the delivery date for the boat, tentatively scheduled for early next year.

A Barracuda class sub, it represents the next generation of French Fast Attack boats. According to the French Armed Forces Ministry and the shipbuilder Naval Group it has commenced trials from Cherbourg naval base in Normandy, France.

SSN Duguay-Trouin and the Barracuda-class submarines will provide the Navy with a launch platform for MBDA naval cruise missiles, a deep-strike capability. They are also equipped with Naval Group’s F21 heavyweight torpedo and MBDA’s Exocet SM39 anti-ship missile.

The boats include what is described as “discreet deployment” of special forces divers underwater, by means of a “divers hatch” they also have the option of carrying a dry deck shelter for the deployment of underwater vehicles.

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