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Colombia’s Navy seized a drug smuggling submarine off its Pacific coast. After boarding they discovered two dead bodies and approximately three tons of cocaine ; there were also two survivors “in poor health” who were given first aid. The deaths and poor were attributed to fumes caused by fuel problems inside the boat.

The submarine was estimated to be about 50 feet in length and was carrying 5,800 pounds of cocaine, with a value of over $87 million, officials said. The navy said the seizure removed more than 6 million doses from illegal sales in Central America.

Only days later another drug smuggling submarine was discovered off the Spanish coast by fisherman and reported to the Civil Guard. It was about a half mile off the Arousa estuary in Ganorthwester Much like the submarine off Columbia this was said to be about 50 feet long. In 2021 Spanish Police seized a homemade narco-submarine while it was under construction in Malaga. Similar seizures were made in 2019 of a cocaine laden submarine off Spain in 2019 and another boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard carrying 6 tons of cocaine.

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