This month everyone has a unique opportunity to support the USSVCF Scholarship Fund while enjoying and reliving great submarine tales.

Charles and Frank Hood have donated $50,000 to our Scholarship Fund over the past several years. 

These well-known submarine authors are offering to increase their support by donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of their seven books in the month of July 2023 to the Scholarship Fund. 

Everyone who buys a Hood brothers’ book in July will be boosting the Scholarship Fund as well as enjoying memorable true-life submarine history and adventures.

We are asking the bases to encourage their members to take advantage of this opportunity. 

1.  Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots

2.  Sub Tales: Stories That Seldom Surface

3.  More Sub Tales

4.  Sub Tales 3

5.  The Silent Service Remembers Vol. 1

6.  The Silent Service Remembers Vol. 2

7.  The Silent Service Remembers Vol. 3

All books are available from

Please ask every District Commander to pass this on to each Base Commander.  Each Base Commander is asked to encourage his base’s membership, family and friends to “Buy in July”.  Thanks