Boats Lost - November

16 Nov 1943 SS 226 Corvina 82 killed all hands lost Torpedoed while on surface off Truk

19 Nov 1943 SS191 Sculpin 63 killed 41 taken prisoner after absorbing 18 depth charges the boat was badly out of trim and surfaced. The CO Commander Cromwell was injured in the following surface action and because of his knowledge of operations planned in the Gilbert Islands he went down with the boat to ensure no information went to the enemy. Forty-one survived and at Truk were loaded on two ships. Unfortunately, the Squalus (Sailfish) torpedoed one ship and 20 additional lives were lost. The remainder were liberated in September 1945. Commander Cromwell was awarded the Medal of Honor.

7   Nov 1944 SS 218 Albacore 85 killed all hands lost perished by hitting a mine.

8   Nov 1944 SS 215 Growler 86 killed all hands lost speculation was Growler was either depth charged or struck by her own torpedo.

16 Nov 1944 SS 277Scamp 83 killed all hands lost. Scamp was ordered on life guard duty east of Tokyo Bay and believed damaged by a mine. Japanese records revealed that an aircraft in that area bombed an oil slick followed by a coast defense vessel which dropped seventy depth charges and raised a large oil slick.