Boats Lost - August

World War Two

13 August 1942 SS 166 Ran aground in Coral Sea No loss of life

13 August 1942 SS 144 Ran aground off Rossel Island crew rescued

13 August 1944 SS 250 Flier 78 killed, 8 survivors

24 August 1944 SS 257 Harder 79 killed all hands lost (Pictured)

6 August 1945 SS 332 84 killed all hands lost

Cold War

26 August 1949 SS 345 Cochino all but one of crew survived, however Tusk SS 426, which rendered assistance, lost 6 killed

The decisive role played by the Silent Service during WW II is often overlooked, or the significance of their contribution is not fully understood. The Submarine Service represented only 1.6% of all Navy personnel during the war but they accounted for over 55% of all Japanese ships sunk, including one-third of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Submariners paid a high price for this accomplishment, however, with the highest percentage causality rate of any branch of the service, almost 23%. Fifty-two U.S. submarines were lost during WW II with over 3,500 men. Many additional men were lost either from gunfire or tragic mishap. It should always be remembered that these men were all volunteers. (source: National Park Service)

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