8 January 1968 - USS Pogy (SSN 647) .

Pogy was 0riginally laid down by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation at CamdenNew Jersey in March of 1964 . She was launched in June of 1967, and was the last ship launched by New York Shipbuilding which went out of business shortly afterwards. On 5 June 1967, the contract for her construction was canceled and she was towed to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard at PhiladelphiaPennsylvania in an incomplete state and laid up. The contract for completion of Pogy was reassigned to Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation of PascagoulaMississippi, and Pogy was towed to that shipyard on 8 January 1968. The tow lasted seven days from Philadelphia to Pascagoula; an incident occurred during the transit when the tow line broke and Pogy was adrift.  Pogy was commissioned on 15 May 1971. The seven-year time span from keel laying to commissioning was the longest construction time in history for an American submarine until the Seawolf SSN 21.

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